Circles and Ceremony

“When a group comes together around the same high frequency understanding, the individuals in that group accelerate their growth enormously.” – Richard Rudd


A circle is a physical representation of unity, a symbol of inclusion and solidarity. A circle in ceremony represents the connectedness of all live, reflecting the interconnectedness of the universe and the divine. When we come together in a circle, we are entering a sacred space of transformation and deep healing. We connect to our higher purpose, and through the power of ritual and ceremony, we tap into stronger creative forces and collective insights, accessing more growth than we could alone.

Sacred Women’s Circle

Women’s Circles are held once a month around the time of the new moon.

Cacao Circle

Cacao Circles are open to all, and are held seasonally.


For thousands of years, in many different cultures, rites of passage were honored with a ceremony. A rite of passage is a notable milestone in a person’s life- birth, death, menarche, coming of age, marriage- that brings a change in social status. In our culture, we do honor a few rites of passage with a ceremony- marriage, for example, but the rest tend to go by unnoticed and unhonored. 

When a rite of passage is marked by a ceremony, we can easily integrate this event into our psyche. We are able to reflect on and observe the “before” and “after” of this transition more clearly. When we create a sacred space full of intention and ritual, it creates meaningful tradition in our modern world. Ceremony can help ease the transition into new societal roles, like motherhood.  

Whether this is your first child, or fourth, a blessingway or a closing of the bones ceremony is meaningful each time, and sometimes more with each child and growth as a mother. After all, with the birth of each baby, the mother is reborn again, as well. She is never the same woman, nor the same mother that she was before.