Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Closing of the bones ceremonies have been traditionally practiced in many different cultures around the world. It is a ceremony to energetically and physically “close up” the mother’s body.

This ceremony generally feels very comforting and relaxing, and is a full circle experience from the opening that occurs during birth. We start the ceremony by setting up a sacred space and burning herbs. Reiki energy healing is offered, and then a grounding massage with herbal oils on the feet, hands, and womb (optional). Then the mother is wrapped up with several rebozo cloths around her body, and music/drums are played while she rests. Afterward, the mother is unwrapped, and there is time to share her experience and anything else that came up during the ceremony over a warm cup of tea.

Closing of the Bones ceremony can be offered anytime after birth. Many wait until the 40 day mark, but some women enjoy this ceremony earlier, and it is still helpful years after birth if you never got the opportunity to enjoy this ritual early on in motherhood. This ceremony can also be beneficial to those who have experienced a loss through miscarriage.